• What sets The Colography Group apart from its competitors?  We base our research and consultative services on a bedrock foundation of primary research – soliciting objective, quantifiable measures of transportation usage – facts, not opinions – directly from tens of thousands of transportation users every year.  Our surveys employ rigorously-tested market research sampling and data-gathering techniques to yield statistically valid results at a level of detail — by industrial classification, company size, and geographic location – that is unique in the transportation industry.

  • Now in its 18th consecutive year, The Colography Group’s National Survey of U.S. Expedited Cargo remains the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken in our industry.  Capturing the rich variety of shipping needs and behaviors for over 350,000 U.S. business establishments in a massive time-series database, our National Survey is quite simply unparalleled in its depth, breadth and richness of detail.  No other transportation consultancy can make this claim: we are frequently sought out by our competitors because we have data that no one else has.

  • Unlike other market research consultancies, expedited transportation is our only focus, which pays dividends to our clients in a number of ways: no other market research firm can rival the depth and breadth of our research in the field — we have talked to more transportation users, over a longer period of time, than any other market researchers.  Because of this, we have more experience interpreting these data: our staff includes knowledgeable industry veterans with years of practical industry experience, who know the expedited transportation industry inside out, and are experienced in translating primary research data into actionable information.

  • The Colography Group statistical and survey methods are accredited by Master of Marketing Research (MMR) faculty at The University of Georgia.
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