• National Survey of U.S. Expedited Cargo
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Critical Buying Factors
  • U.S. domestic and international business shipping practices
  • Customer churn: frequency and nature of carrier-switching behavior
  • NAFTA multimodal expedited transportation market
  • U.S. domestic air and ground parcel returns
  • U.S. air import market
  • Same-day shipping demand


  • Market growth and competitive trends
  • Industry, product and customer segmentation
  • Reverse logistics and returns
  • Offshore markets
  • Competitive intelligence reports
  • Strategic market assessments
  • U.S. Domestic and International market projections


  • Quarterly Traffic And Yield Analyses and Market Share reports: U.S. Domestic & Export Air, Domestic Ground, LTL
  • Domestic Air Cargo Trends
  • U.S. International Trade Lanes
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