Established in 1983 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Colography is a market research consultancy that specializes in delivering actionable market intelligence focused on the shipping/transportation market. We've built a firm uniquely equipped to solve our clients' most pressing business challenges, through unparalleled data and insight.

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Years of Experience

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Our Building Blocks

The COST of transportation services. The LOGISTICS of transportation. The GEOGRAPHY of shipping demand. Together they make COLOGRAPHY.

Our Unique Focus

Because shipping/transportation is our only focus, we know the shipping/transportation industry inside and out. We do one thing and we do it the best.

Our Industry Veterans

Our senior employees average over 30 years of real-world market research and shipping/transportation industry expertise. We live and breathe it.

Our Distinct Perspectives

Each team member brings a distinctive perspective and realm of experience focused on the research, marketing and shipping/transportation industry.


To capture the pulse of the shipping/transportation market, Colography uses progressive data collection techniques, detailed surveys and proprietary data models to identify trends in global shipping activity. Because we interface with transportation services buyers, our data is considered the most reliable and robust in the industry.

Consulting Services

Every business needs a partner with deep industry knowledge who can translate meaningful insight into action. Our consultants provide logical, understandable and actionable recommendations that are supported by fact-based research.

Business Intelligence Briefings

We deliver in-depth briefings on topics of client interest, such as market trends, competitive landscape analysis and consulting recommendations. These sessions help ensure our clients stay engaged and plugged in with changes in the market.

Tailored Research

For clients desiring custom or proprietary research on a specific aspect of the shipping/transportation market, we provide unparalleled survey customization. From design to execution to analysis to reporting, we do it all.

Ongoing Research

Our National Survey is a series of annual studies designed to model the shipping/transportation market for domestic and export services. Conducted continuously since 1993, it remains the largest data gathering effort of its kind.

Hinged Research

The breadth, depth and scope of our ongoing National Survey research effort provides a unique platform to serve as a springboard for additional market research studies on a cost-effective and time-sensitive basis.

Syndicated Research

Research syndication allows us to deliver tailored research to a wider audience, by pooling multiple clients' research requirements and data elements into a single, larger survey study, saving time and money for our clients.

National Survey

Started in 1993, Colography’s National Survey of U.S. Expedited Cargo remains the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken in our industry. Capturing the rich variety of shipping needs and behaviors for hundreds of thousands of business establishments in a massive time-series database, the National Survey is unparalleled in its breadth, depth and scope. No other firm engages business shippers on a daily basis like we do. The National Survey serves as the cornerstone for all of our services.


Years of Data

Survey Questions

Data Points Per Hour

Survey Reach

Our National Survey coverers hundreds of thousands of U.S. shippers, factoring in company size and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code classifications.

Survey Dimensions

We collect and analyze data across a significant number of dimensions—more than anyone else. Study dimensions include Market Size, Industrial Source, Shipment Characteristics, Model Distribution, Shipper Profile, Product Mix, Carrier Share, Transit Time, Geographic Origin and Geographic Destination.

Air Delivery Focus

We cover Same Day Air, Overnight Air, Second Day Air and Three or More Day Air services.

Ground Delivery Focus

We cover Ground Parcel, Truckload, Less Than Truckload, Rail and Private Fleet services.

Cross Border Delivery Focus

We cover Imports and Exports.


Colography is a talented cadre of advisors, consultants, researchers and analysts, all focused on providing cutting edge market research and insight. Our consultants and analysts average over 30 years of real-world market research and shipping/transportation industry expertise, bringing a diverse set of talents and viewpoints to our clients.

Mike Dames

Mike Dames


Responsible for Colography's strategic direction, product portfolio and continued growth. 16 years of experience across high-stakes leadership and consulting positions. MBA from University of Chicago. West Point graduate and veteran with multiple tours in Afghanistan.

Darren Lamb

Darren Lamb

Vice President of Research & Analytics

Responsible for all things data. Architect of the National Survey, the largest market research survey on domestic shipping ever conducted. 37 year industry veteran who has been with Colography since its inception. Expert in both quantitative and qualitative research.

Russell Reams

Russell Reams

Vice President of Marketing & Client Services

Responsible for leveraging marketing, data analytics and industry expertise to optimize client service and drive product innovation. 12 years at UPS. Doctorate in Marketing from Kennesaw State University. MBA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Alex Schmaus

Alex Schmaus

Vice President of Data Management

Responsible for systems architecture and development. Keeper of databases and market research assets, covering over 2 billion data points. SQL Guru and PowerShell aficionado. Master of the Colography data pipeline and data mesh architecture.

Sandra Wadley

Sandra Wadley

Engagement Manager

Consulting Team Lead for engagements requiring strategic client support. Industry expert who has been with Colography since 1993. Chief architect of market sizing methodologies and primary research initiatives.

Mike Mulvaney

Mike Mulvaney

Analytics Manager

Analytics Team Lead responsible for market share and segmentation reporting and analysis. 25 years of experience with Colography. Significant expertise in data modeling with deep shipping and transportation market knowledge.

Saleh Sadaghiani

Saleh Sadaghiani

Engagement Manager

Consulting Team Lead specializing in quantitative analyses in Excel and Tableau. Extensive experience conducting market research and developing models to support client needs. MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Austin McTier

Austin McTier

Forecast Analyst

Forecasting Analyst specializing in time-series forecasting, data analysis and data visualization in R, Stata, Excel and Tableau. Extensive experience in developing models and applications to meet client needs. M.S. in Economics from Georgia Tech.

Meara Pellar-Kosbar

Meara Pellar-Kosbar

Data Science Analyst

Data Science Analyst specializing in statistical analysis and mathematical modeling using Python, R, SAS, Stata, and Excel in both academic and corporate environments. M.S. in Data Science from Michigan Tech.

Garrett Sanders

Garrett Sanders

Systems & Data Administrator

Responsible for IT infrastructure and hardware/network support. Keeper of the Hyper-V hosts and problem solver extraordinaire. 10 years of deploying mission critical hardware and software supporting growth-stage companies.


Colography is always looking for talented individuals. We focus on our employees so our employees can focus on our clients. We offer more than just competitive pay and generous benefits. We offer a predictable work/life balance. Lifelong learning. Professional growth and development. Looking to make a move? Inquire today.

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